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'Greetings from Yuggoth'The Whisperer in Darkness
I found myself faced by names and terms that I had heard elsewhere in the most hideous of connections. Check them out in this wonderful adaptation of 'The Whisperer in Darkness' by the H.P Lovecraft Society is now added to our film page.




Radio R'lyeh'Poems exiled to stars'
Don't fail to see Nyarlathotep if he comes to Providence. He is horrible — horrible beyond anything you can imagine — but wonderful. He haunts one for hours afterward. I am still shuddering at what he showed....





Welcome to Arkham Drive-in

Lovecraft never dreamed of the wide effect his creations would have on popular culture. Elements of his Cthulhu Mythos have appeared in many mainstream and niche media; from Southpark episodes & video games right down to cute little beanie plushies.

Arkham Drive-In takes a look at part of this phenomenon, in particular Lovecraft's influence on horror films, animation and TV shows, looking at everything from faithful adaptatons of his stories like the Excellent 2005 version of The Call of Cthulhu to films made in the spirit of Howard Philip's literature like John Carpenter's The Thing, right down to Mythos namedroppers like The Evil Death or Cast a Deadly Spell.

Our forbidden scrapbook, "De Vermis Mysteriis", delves into a cornocopia of random Lovecraftian arcana from all the far, dark corners of the web. If you're unfamilar with any of the authors stories then you can check them out at our Lovecraft Reading Room.

For the moment we will be using plots from Wikipedia, Imdb etc to temporarily complete some of the pages until a review  has been written for that particular piece.