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De Vermis Mysteriis

'Mysteries of the Worm' is Arkham Drive-Ins blog written by guest contributor,
Ludwig Prinn. In this dusty tome, he looks at the world wide web for weird traces of Lovecraftian (and other horror related) lore.



Welcome to the first post from a new regular feature: The Jukebox of Eric Zann where we will look at Lovecraftian tunes that will drive the sanist man to madness..Random Eldritch keywords turn up the oddest results and this is how I found this strange Cthulhuian Lounge singer, Hp Lovebox.




Looking to find out where the 'Esoteric Order of Dagon' have their meetings or want to do an evening class in 'non-Euclidean geometry' at Arkham's famous Miskatonic University then these useful town maps will help you find the way.

The town was first mentioned in 1920 in the short story, "The Picture in the House". Lovecraft references the fictional town in about a dozen or so other stories - from "Herbert West–Reanimator" to "The Shadow Out of Time". Arkham is home to the Miskatonic University which copies of the Necronomicon, Unaussprechlichen Kultenand the Book of Eibon. For those that delve too much into these forbidden texts will find there is loads of room for them at the Arkham Sanitarium (a home away from home for many of Lovecraft's protagonists):

Map of Arkham
Map of Arkham (Click to Enlarge)

The Massachusetts town of Innsmouth was made famous in 1936 in one of Lovecraft's greatest stories "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". The town was founded in 1643 and was a prosperous marine port until it fell and hard times prompting Captain Obed Marsh to make a deal that would change the town and its bloodline forever:

Map of Innsmouth
Map of Arkham (Click to Enlarge)

The town first appeared in 1920 in Lovecraft's short story "The Terrible Old Man". It also features in "The Festival" and "The Strange High House in the Mist" and is mentioned in 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward' among others:

Map of Kingsport
Map of Kingsport (Click Image to Enlarge)



1/08/2011Mind Webs

The broadcast this month from Radio R'lyeh is an adaption of Lovecraft's 1919 story 'Beyond the Wall of Sleep'. It's taken from the Old Time Radio Show Mind Webs. Mind Webs, was a 1970's series out of WHA Radio in Wisconsin featured weekly semi-dramatized readings of science fiction short stories by some of the genre's best writers like HP Lovecraft, Arthur C. Clarke, Gordon R. Dickson, and Ray Bradbury. Many of the readings were enhanced by music, periodic sound cues, and the occasional character voice, however they are not completely dramatized. In a way Mind Webs stories are a cross between radio drama and audio books. The music is an excellent accompaniment to the performance of Michael Hansen, which leaves the listener with a sense of excitement a lot of radio dramas lack.

Download Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Right Click/Save as - approx 26mins and 12.8 megs).

Download a Pdf of the story, Beyond the Wall of Sleep.