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De Vermis Mysteriis

'Mysteries of the Worm' is Arkham Drive-Ins blog written by guest contributor,
Ludwig Prinn. In this dusty tome, he looks at the world wide web for weird traces of Lovecraftian (and other horror related) lore.



So we're going to have a double dose of Radio R'lyeh. This is one side of an LP that was Roddy McDowall Reads H.P. Lovecraftreleased in either '62 or '63 called 'Roddy McDowall Reads The Horror Stories Of H.P. Lovecraft: The Outsider / The Hound'. The narrator of course is most famous for his acting roles in Planet of the Apes, The Legend of Hell of House and my personal favourite, The Class of 1984. It was released by Lively Arts and was part of a series that included:

Prestige Lively Arts 30000 series (12 inch LP)
LA 30001 Billy Dee Williams - Let's Misbehave
LA 30002 A Taste of Hermione Baddeley
LA 30003 Roddy McDowall Reads the Horror Stories of H.P. Lovecraft
LA 30004 Burgess Meredith Reads Ray Bradbury
LA 30005 Larry Storch Reads Philip Roth's Epstein
LA 30006 James Mason Reads the Imp of the Perverse and Other Stories by Edgar Allen Poe
LA 30007 James Mason Reads Herman Melville's Bartleby, The Scrivener
LA 30008 Morris Carnovsky Reads Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground
LA 30009 Norman Mailer Reads Norman Mailer

You can download The Hound here.


 Welcome back to this Month's Radio R'lyeh. This month were going to take a listen to one of our The Facts Concerning...favour genre Podcast: 19 Nocturne Boulevard. The Podcast is the brain child of Julie Hoverson who also writes and produces (as well as acts in) the majority of stories that feature on the show. Of most interest to Arkham Drive-In fans is the series of dramatisations called 'The Lovecraft 5'. These clever adaptations use a clever framing device of a number of Lovecraft's characters meeting and telling each other tales. So far there have been 4 stories covered - The Picture in the House, The Haunter of the Dark, The View from Within, The Facts Concerning... with From Beyond coming later in the year. The production and voice acting in this dramatisations (as well as all of 19 Nocturne Boulevard's recordings) must be heard to be believed. So join Warren, Herbert, Charles, Edward, and Richard as they take a stroll down 19 Nocturne Boulevard:

The Lovecraft 5 Stories

The Lovecraft 5 Photos

As well as the Lovecraft 5 series, the site also has a number of excellent readings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft stories and non-'5' Dramatisations:

Julie's Lovecraft Readings

Other dramatisations:

The Temple
Within the Walls of Eryx