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Short Film: Black Goat (2011)

All video available in better resolution on our Youtube channel.

Director: Joseph Nanni
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Running Time: 6 mins

Stills ands Posters :

Black Goat Poster
Black Goat Poster (click to enlarge)

Hunter in the Snow
Hunter in the Snow

Tenacle Attack!
Tenacle Attack!

Need an Escape Goat?
Need an Escape Goat?



Black Goat (2011)

In the Spirit of Howard Philips. '.

A hunter is trecking through deep snow. He hears a noise and is atatcked by some tentacle-like branches. As he is dragged through the snow, he pulls an axe from his pack and slashes the limb. He then sets upa trap for the beast which looks like some sort of natural magic circle. He waits and waits until the beast - a tripod like tree creature approaches stepping into the trap. The hunter leaves the bounderies of the circle and ensnared creature which is obviously unable to leave. Just then the Hunter notices he is not alone and the creature is part of a pack.


This well made and excellently shot short film is a teaser for a feature that should commence production in 2013. If this taste is anything to go by then I look forward to checking out the full length film.