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Clip from From Beyond (1999)

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Director: Robert Fugger
Year: 1999
Country: USA
Running Time: 20 mins


Our Narrator
Our Narrator

The Entities
The Entities appear


From Beyond (1999)

Based on 'From Beyond'.

Our unnamed Narrator is drives out to visit his Scientist colleague, Crawford Tillinghast. On arrival he finds his friend alone working on a strange device in his lab.  Tillinghast explains that this machine stimulates the pineal gland and allows the user to see into other dimensions. He activates it and the lab is fill with ultraviolet light. The Narrator shows obvious fear as small jelly fish creatures become visual.  Tillinghast shouts at his friend to remain still as the process works both ways and these creatures can also see into our dimension and that the creatures destroyed two of his servants.  Tillinghast continues his rant showing obvious signs of madness. The Narrator panics and shoots both the scientist and his device. He goes on to say that he was later arrested by police but was released when it was revealed that  Tillinghast died from apoplexy – he was also blamed for the murder of the servants. The experience leaves the Narrator with a permanent feeling of dread and unease.


This is definitely one of the better low budget 'Fan' made films that are available through from Lurker Films (this on Volume 2) and follows the story to a tee. The acting isn't bad and though the effects are limited they work very well in this context. Its shot in black and white while the creatures and machine effects are done in colour. As good as shoestring budget Lovecraft can get.